Fallen Hiker - photo courtesy Lloyd G. Carter

Hiking and Climbing Safety

As you may have heard, an LA teen slipped partway down the rocks above the waterfall below Lloyd Carter's place this August. He went down and took an instamatic picture while awaiting the rescue team. If you look closely in the center of the picture, you can see the youth leaning back against the steep wall, perched on a one-foot wide ledge. The ledge saved him from a much more serious fall and he was only bruised.

  Don't be careless  

There have been many slips and falls on these rocks by careless or inexperienced hikers. Injuries have varied from slight to very serious and, in past decades, a few fatalities too.

  Know your limitations  

The scenic beauty of such locations tempts one to climb around for a better look. With common sense precautions, and knowing your own limitations, this can be a very pleasant experience.

  No sandals or bare feet!  

Wear comfortable, sturdy hiking boots or athlitic shoes with non-skid soles. Test your footing before placing full weight. The rocks are polished smooth by eons of water flow so even the dry areas are slippery and wet or algae covered sections are treacherous and should be avoided. Use secure handholds when possible. Test them before applying your weight.

  Buddy system  

It is best to hike with one or more friends. It is more fun to share the adventure. More importantly, there will be someone to go for assistance, if necessary. Or to tell them where to find the body.