Cascadel Woods Property Owners Association

P.O. Box734, 59827 Cascadel Drive, North Fork, CA 93643

Tel: 877-2635   Fax: 877-4024 



Saturday, September 8, 2012, 10:00am, Cascadel Clubhouse




1. Call to Order


2. Approval of Agenda


3. Approval of the Minutes

a.       Regular Board Meeting – July 14, 2012

b.      Special Board Meeting – July 25, 2012

c.       Road Commissioner Meeting – July 27, 2012

d.      Road Commissioner Meeting – August 3, 2012


4. Reports:

   a.   President’s Report

   b.   Treasurer’s Report.


5. Member Comments


6. Correspondence


7. Advisory Committee Reports

               a.   Fire Wise

               b.   Policy & Procedures –

               c.   Club House

               d.   Common Area

               e.   Neighborhood Watch

               f.    Roads


8. Unfinished Business

               a.   Financial Write-offs

b.      Website Change

c.       CSA expenditures

d.      Cell Tower

e.       Dissolution of Clubhouse and Common Area Advisory Committees


9. New Business

               a.    Possible dissolution of the Association.

b.      Transition of Responsibilities

c.       Alternatives to a Road Maintenance District

d.      Prepare for Annual Meeting.


10. Review Action Items


11. Closed Session; if held, at completion the Board would Reconvene and Adjourn


Annual Meeting

Saturday, September 22, 2011

10:00 AM