March 10, 2012
Draft Minutes

President Stan Eggink called the meeting to order at 10:02am. Present were Directors Rick Harrell, Shaunna Shortes, Volney Dunavan and Warren Cox as well as Brian and Cindy Curtis and four Cascadel property owners.

It was moved by Warren, seconded by Volney, and passed, that the agenda be approved with the following additions under 6. Correspondence: (a) Madera County Cell Tower and (b) Request for audit from the Fire Safe Council

It was m/s/carried to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of January 14, 2012.

4. Reports

a. President’s Report: There are some financial items we need to look at, mostly as a result of the weather pattern this year. At question is the vegetation growth. If there is a long, hard summer, we need to make sure weeds do not become a problem. We need to be looking for dollars that might be needed for this in the future.

b. Treasurer’s Report: Our budget is based on $3200 for mowing. If more is needed because of a heavy weed growth, we will need to either go into our reserves or increase our funding source. There was discussion about a self-imposed increase as opposed to a County imposed increase.

Shaunna reported that the Profit and Loss Statement covers a two-year period because our billings in June would be recorded in July, thereby always making our financial statements look skewed. Statements will be mailed before the July 1 start of fiscal year, but the payments must be recorded in the new year. There will be two separate invoices mailed in one envelope, one for Road Maintenance and one CWPOA Membership.

Membership fees have been reclassified on a cash not an accrual basis. If the road fees are paid but not the POA fees, the POA fees can be written off. POA fees can be added back in if they are paid at a future date.

A draft of the proposed 2012 Board Calendar was reviewed. It was also verified against our Bylaws. The calendar showing dates of billings, mailings, membership fee due dates, nominations and voting dates will be mailed with the billing.

5. Member Comments:

• A sympathy card on behalf of the Board was sent to the family of Carmyn Scharffenberg.
• It was noted that the new North Fork Volunteer Fire Department station will be breaking ground toward the end of this month, on the old mill site just off Douglas Ranger Station Road. This is much closer to us which is a good thing.
• It was mentioned that, as expected, we passed the Worker’s Comp audit.
• A resident said she had sent out information about the American Heart Association and would appreciate our individual attention to that organization and the good work it does.

6. Correspondence

a. Madera County Cell Tower: Received information regarding a proposed 125’ tower to be located on the ridge on the Morgan property. This is strictly a private, non-County generated project. We will not be able to hear the generator. This could be a good thing from a safety point of view. There is no guarantee that the tower will have carriers other than Verizon.
b. Eastern Madera County Fire Safe Council Request for an Audit: The Fire Safe Council is preparing for a routine federal audit and has requested an audit of our joint projects.

7. Advisory Committee Reports

a. Fire Wise
• Brian Curtis appointed Brigade captain
• Brian conducted the February Fire Wise Committee meeting as Warren was unable to attend.
• The third Saturday in May (5/19) is confirmed for the annual community Fire Wise day with presentations. As always, there will be Neighborhood Watch information and a BBQ.
• Carol Eggink will audit/inventory the fire cabinets when the time comes to do so.
• Committee purchased and tested a portable pump with a 100ft range. It worked well, although a 1-1/2” hose works better than a 1” hose. The pump can be used to draft water from the pond or a seasonal creek; it does not have to be used only with a hydrant.
• The portable pump will be kept in the fire box by Clubhouse; Stan is picking up a gas can for it.
• In lieu of the March and April Fire Wise meetings, Fire Brigade members will receive CPR and First Aid training from Mark Lodge. Members completing the class will be certified.

b. Policies and Procedures
• A suggested Clubhouse rental agreement was presented, discussed and tabled.

c. Common Area
• It was reported that Wayne Shortes is getting a map that the Committee members can be working on for their recommendations.

d. Neighborhood Watch – Nothing new to report.

8. Unfinished Business.

a. Current CWPOA Policies: Review and Vote
• There was lively discussion about the validity and effectiveness of policies. Indeed, as they are created at the pleasure of the Board, they are truthfully about as effective as a New Year’s Resolution.
• The Clubhouse policy and the parking policy are the only ones approved by the County.

It was m/s/c that, with the exception of those policies approved by the County, our policies be termed guidelines.

The Guideline Committee was asked to review our guidelines and recommend which ones can be eliminated. Joanne Freemire asked to be included in that review meeting, so as to explain the rationale behind some of the guidelines.

b. Accounting Program Progress: Ongoing item addressed in the Treasurer’s report above.

c. Proposed Cell Tower Response: The topic was addressed above.

d. Financial Write-offs: Still being worked on.

e. Website Change:
• Carol reported on the website information requested and received from Mark Stamas.
• Mark Stamas needs to be made aware of the Mark Lodge domain name.
• Carol was asked to put up the website; if a $100 fee is needed, Shauna will donate it.

9. New Business

a. Bench Placements
• About 18 months ago we started looking at placing tables and benches around the property. The benches, made by the Fire Wise Committee, will stand 16” to 18” tall with top slabs created from our trees in Cascadel and donated by Bob Buckles. The legs also were donated. We just need to dig holes and stick them in the ground.
• A suggestion was made to countersink a rectangular business card with directions to the next bench, information about a nearby duck box, or even ‘in memory of’ on the top of each bench.
• It was suggested that one be at the south corner of the pond, another by the waterfall by the bridge. A member requested to please keep the benches away from the end of the pond as there is a habitat for animals there.

b. CWPOA Purpose
• We again reviewed who we are and where we are going.
• According to our attorney, the only true business here is the water company. Would we be better off merging with them?
• Newer residents think we should have CC&R’s: “What can we do to protect our investment?”
• Unfortunately, CC&R’s are not retroactive; they are mandatory for new owners but not for long timers.
• However, CC&R’s legally cover actions and have consequences if actions are not followed.
• Zoning is about the only thing that has kept Cascadel safe from things that might not benefit the entire community. Current zoning disallows horses or other farm animals on subdivision lots.
• Even if CC&R’s were voted in, they would not cover the Outlots and surrounding parcels.
• We need to agree on our purpose.
• We need to research merging with the water company. This can legally be done as we would be merging two mutual benefit organizations. Something like the Cascadel Woods Water and Road Company.
• We need to look at the pro’s and con’s of such an action, and also consider the outlying parcels.
• Perhaps it is time for a mutual discussion with the Water Company. Both the Water Company and the Road/Property Owners Association have a fiduciary responsibility to the community members.

10. Action Items:

• Guideline Committee: List of guidelines that can be tossed
• Website: Carol
• Concerns about possible merger with Water Company: Cindy
• Update Board Calendar: Stan
• Benches: Fire Wise Committee will start with two.

11. Adjournment:

The meeting adjourned to go into closed session at 12:45pm. The meeting reconvened at 12:50pm with no action. The meeting was adjourned at 12:52pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Volney Dunavan, Secretary

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