July 9, 2011
Draft Minutes

1. Call to Order and Introductions – 10:05am
   a. Board members present:  Warren Cox, Volney Dunavan, Stan Eggink, Janice Quistad and Shaunna Shortes.
   b. Visitors:  Carol Eggink, Brian Curtis, Cynthia Curtis, Joanne Freemire, Rick Harrell, Renee Halstead, Robert

2. Approval of Agenda
a.       Motion to approve Agenda with the addition of item 8d - Disposition of Surplus Property.  Motion to approve
          (Cox/Dunavan).  Carried.

3. Approval of 5/14/11 Minutes of Regular Board Meeting
  a. No corrections or additions:  Motion to approve (Cox/Dunavan).  Carried.

4. Reports
    a .President’s Report – President Eggink reports the trails still need to be trimmed; culvert repair delayed because
        of weather and late rains.
    b. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Shortes expresses frustration that the end of the fiscal year is not yet
        completed.  She and Cindy will meet with the CPA to set up Quick Books to better facilitate the accounting
        process.  Dunavan moved and Quistad seconded that the CWPOA be authorized to spend up to $1000.00 to
        meet with the CPA and update the program so the budgets may more easily be printed out and shared at
        monthly meetings. (Half the cost to be shared by the Water Company since they share the program).  Motion

5. Member Comments
    a. Robert Hooke asked questions about the total number of memberships that we have and about the monies for
         the roads.  Discussion followed.

6. Correspondence
    a. Letters of inquiry received from title companies.

7. Committee Reports
    a. Fire Wise Board – Warren Cox:  Four fully stocked Fire Boxes are in place.  The fire brigade will do the weed
        eating around the hydrants.  Cal Fire has been doing house inspections for fire clearance compliance.
    b. Policy & Procedure Committee – Carol Eggink:  Picnic Table Policy is completed.
    c. Roads: - Brian Curtis: Road repairs on hold until water flow clears up (possible mid-August).  Concerns
        expressed that the repairs need to be done properly and the contractor required to come back and fix the repairs
        if they don’t lastd.
    d. Clubhouse – Cynthia Curtis:

·         Committee needs additional members.  Motion (Cox/Quistad) to approve Roger Tucker, Volney Dunavan
                   and Matt Kubiak as new members of this committee.  Motion carried.
·         Need to review rental rates policy to cover expenses (propane, electricity, supervision, etc).  Fee
                   schedule and usage capacity needs to be revised.
·         Repairs to CH siding, failed leach line and septic system were completed.
·         Discussion on outside use of Clubhouse as a result of communication with Tom Wheeler.  Need to
                   check with the attorney on the proposed agreement. Motion made (Dunavan/Shortes) to turn over to the
                   Clubhouse and Policy Committees the generation of new usage guidelines - to include but not be limited
1) Define types of approved events

2) Define “Rental” vs. “Reservation”

3) Need for liability and/or event insurance

4) Extent of facility usage of function

5) Use of alcohol

                        No objections.  Motion carried

Land Management – Joanne Freemire:  Presented her report followed by discussion.

·         Brian Beal will be here from Fish and Game on August 19, 2011 to look at the pond (late Friday 

·         Stan met with Glen Princic and felt he would be a good member for the Land Management
  committee (appointed)

·         Picnic Table policy to be discussed under old business

·         Discussion on damage to the meadow during Fire Safe Clearance.  When performing work on the
  CSA land the Board will weigh environmental concerns along with the work being performed.

      f.       Neighborhood Watch – Volney:  Wants to explore the cost to acquire an engraver for homeowners to use to
          engrave their ID on personal items and to set up a time and place for people to come and use the engraver.

8. Unfinished Business
    a, Road and Culvert Repair – Covered under roads
    b. Picnic Tables:  Motion made to accept the proposed Picnic Table Guidelines submitted by the Policy
       Committee. (Shortes/Dunavan)  Motion carried.

9. New Business
    a. Review Insurance Policy:  Shauna will investigate the coverage of Board Members as volunteers doing work for
        the Association.
    b, Name Change of LMC – Motion made to change the name of the Land Management Committee to Common
         Area Advisory Committee. (Cox/Shortes)  Motion carried.
    c. Proposed County Agreement - Covered under Clubhouse Committee report
    d. Disposal of CSA Property – A list of equipment the Association will be disposing of will be published prior to the
        Annual Meeting.

10. Review Action Items – Stan reviewed items, including:
Proposed Amendment to CSA Agreement:  Stan will check this with our Attorney.
Clubhouse Regulations:  Clubhouse and Policy Committees will work on new regulations for renting/reserving
           the clubhouse.
Roads: Brian Curtis to work with contractors to facilitate road repairs when water allows.
Meeting with CPA on Quick Books:  Cynthia and Shaunae.
Equipment Disposal: Develop list of equipment to be disposed of. – Brian Curtis
Engraver: Volney Dunavan
August 19th meeting with Fish and Game:  Joanne Freemire
Request for Nominations: Cindy will mail out the request for nominations August 1st. 

11. Closed Session- Regular Session ended (11:35 am) Moved into Closed Session at 11:36 am.
Collections – Motion (Cox/Quistad) to change the “Record” date for membership Fee Due to Sunday, July 31,
          2011 and change the “Membership Fee Late-Membership Termination” date to Sunday, July 31, 2011. Letter
          requesting nominations for the Board will still be sent out on August 1, 2011. Motion made (Shortes/Cox) to
          advise a property owner that action will be taken if delinquent road fees are not paid by September 1, 2011.. 
          No objections.  Motion carried.

12. Reconvene and Adjourn  - Motion to adjourn at 1:18pm (Dunavan/Cox).  Carried.

Submitted by:
Janice Quistad & Cynthia Curtis

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May 14, 2011

1. Call to Order and Introductions – 10:02am
    a. Board members present: Stan Eggink, Shaunna Shortes, Volney Dunavan. Absent: Janice Quistad and Warren
        Cox (joined the meeting at 11:50am).
    b. Visitors: Carol Eggink, Brian Curtis, Joanne Freemire, Rick Harrell

2. Approval of Agenda
    c. No corrections or additions. Motion to approve (Shortes/Dunavan). Carried.

3. Approval of 3/12/11 Minutes of Regular Board Meeting
    a. No corrections or additions: Motion to approve (Shortes/Dunavan). Carried.

4. Reports
    a. President’s Report – President Eggink presented a Purposed Calendar of upcoming deadlines/meetings. It will
        be posted on the Website (see attached revised schedule) Accolades to Bob Buckles and the crew for the
        great fire safe work they have done.
    b. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Shortes passed out and reviewed/explained P & L sheet and described road,
        CSA, and POA expenses. The Cascadel Mutual Water Company Board voted to help pay for part of the road
        repairs to the culvert on Cascadel Drive where the CMWC water line is involved.

5. Member Comments
    a. Member noted that grass is now covering posts along Schindler’s land and asked if it could be cleared. Will be
        done because it is within the road right-of-way.
    b. Question asked about replacing the bulletin board at the entrance to Cascadel Woods with a “Welcome to
        Cascadel” sign and information. Discussion followed.
    c. Question asked about providing a central information center for other “disasters” other than fire. Will be part of
        the neighborhood Watch function.
    d. Comment made on maintenance of clubhouse and need for identification and plan for long-range repairs. A
       member asked about using the clubhouse for a warming center. This was discussed and will be considered 
       under maintenance plans.

6. Correspondence
    a. Letter sent to Jan Wheeler at Century 21 Realty concerning Schindler property. Included “Welcome” packet and
        current Bylaws.

7. Committee Reports
    a. Fire Wise Board – Warren Cox: Fourth fire box is completed. The boxes will be stenciled with identification
        numbers. The renewal for Fire Wise USA has been sent in – we met all the requirements and we are waiting for
        a response.
    b. Policy & Procedure Committee – Carol Eggink: No action at present. Committee will meet after Land
        Management report is presented.
    c. Clubhouse – Cynthia Curtis: Two work days are planned for 9:00am on 6/2/11 and 6/9/11. Lunch will be provided
        for volunteers.
    d. Land Management – Joanne Freemire: E-mailed report presented (attached).
         • Motion made to not approve spending money for carbonate boundary markers. (Shortes/Dunavan). Approved.
         • Motion was made not to spend any money to send out a questionnaire from LMC (Shortes/Dunavan).
         • LMC will be allowed to place question items on the agenda for the annual meeting (questions to be limited to
           2 or 3 items).
    e. Neighborhood Watch – Volney: Report tabled since Volney has not heard back from the county. Will ask Web
        Master to post “REPORTING A SUSPICIOUS PERSON OR VEHICLE” and “Madera County Sheriff’s
        Department - Community Resource Center” information on the web site.

8. Unfinished Business
    a. Road and Culvert Repair – Due to wet conditions, repairs have been put off until June 1st (optimistically). Will
        post sign “Preliminary Notice” to let community know road work expected to begin in June. School to be sent
        written notification of plans.
    b. Picnic Tables: Motion made to have LMC send the picnic table guidelines to the policy committee to review, and
        revise if necessary, and then bring the policy back to the board for a vote (Shortes/Dunavan). Approved.

9. New Business
    a. Expense Forecast for CSA-21 May /June - Brian: Board approved $1200 expenses. If more money is needed,
        will contact Stan or Shauna. Proposed using volunteers to mow the grass at the clubhouse. (Warren arrived, and
        Volney left, at 11:50am.)
    b. Information Packets – Motion made to send packets to all identified title companies and local real estate offices;
        and to out-of-area realtors as properties come on the market. Extra copies would cost $5.00 each
       (Cox/Shortes). Approved.

10. Review Action Items – Stan reviewed items, including:
     a. Lot 73#2: No letter needed. Fire Wise Board will burn the brush pile on 5/21/11.
     b. Web Site Posting: Board Calendar and two community information documents.

11. Closed Session
      a. Collections – Motion made to authorize Stan and Shauna to speak with our lawyer about collection of past due
          road fees (Cox/Shortes). Approved.

12. Reconvene and Adjourn - Motion to adjourn at 1:30pm (Shortes/Cox). Carried.

Submitted by:
Janice Quistad & Cynthia Curtis

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March 12, 2011

1. Call to Order and Introductions – 10:08am
     a. All Board Members were present (Stan Eggink, Shaunna Shortes, Janice Quistad, Volney Dunavan,
         Warren Cox).
     b. Visitors: C.E Georgeson, Karen Cogburn, Carol Eggink, Brian Curtis, Joanne Freemire
2. Agenda
     a. No amendments. Motion/second (Shaunna /Jan) to accept Agenda. Approved
3. Minutes of Board Meetings
     a. Regular Meeting – 1/8/11. No corrections. Motion to approve (Volney/Warren) – Approved
     b. Special Meetings – No corrections on either set.
         - Moved to approve minutes 1/31/11 (Volney/Warren) - Approved
         - Moved to approve minutes 2/3/11 (Volney/Warren) - Approved
4. Reports
     a. President’s Report – The timeline President Stan presented for elections/billing was
         discussed and revisions were made. (See attached revised schedule)
     b. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Shortes reported status of the road funds. Since there
         are water lines located in the road at the site of the 30” culvert, will ask the CMWC to
         assist financially with the replacement project.

5. Member Comments
     a. The Georgeson’s made positive comments about the fuel reduction clearance work.
     b. President Stan mentioned members are still requesting to be added to the clearing schedule.
6. Correspondence
     a. Madera County Board of Supervisors – regarding certificate of Worker Compensation
     b. Judy Linda – regarding proposal for upcoming wedding and rental of the clubhouse
         - Board discussion centered on accommodating up to 150 guests and restricting parking.
         - Motion (Volney/Warren) to approve the request with the stipulation that parking at the
           clubhouse be limited to 24 vehicles and that Judy sign a statement of agreement to these
           stipulations - Approved
7. Committee Reports
     a. Fire Wise Board
         - Discussed Fire Wise Board activities. Warren set Saturday, April 16th for another
           Community Fire Wise Day – necessary to maintain Fire Safe Community status.
     b. Policy & Procedure Committee
         - Discussion took place on terminology (policy vs. guideline).
     c. Roads
         - Board discussed road repairs. Brian presented 3 bids for the 2 culvert repairs:
           (a) 30” CMP culvert at curve by Georgeson’s and (b) 18” CMP culvert a Loma Linda.
         - Motion (Warren/Jan) to move forward with the Precision Paving and Lemire Tractor
           proposals, to ask for more specific bids, and to give Brian leeway to go with the
           contractor he is most comfortable working with as long as the bids are within $500 of
           each other. – Approved
         - Repair work to begin in May or June. Proper notification and lead time for road closure
           to be provided to the community and school.
     d. Club House – Report covered under correspondence
     e. Land Management Committee - Presentation by Joanne Freemire
         - Motion made (Volney/Warren) to approve grant proposal #2 for stream restoration,
           with volunteer hour matching by CWPOA. - Approved
         - Motion made (Volney/Warren) for Joanne to continue to pursue the grant for culvert
           restoration - Approved

         - Discussion took place on picnic table policy and pond restoration. President Eggink
           asked the LMC make its recommendation on picnic table locations by April 15th.
         - Motion (Warren/Volney) to place a Wood Duck nesting box at the pond – Approved
     f. Neighborhood Watch
         - Volney is working with Warren on the telephone calling tree list.
8. Unfinished Business
     a. Distribution of Minutes – not discussed
     b. Charge to Members for Use of the CWPOA Tractor
         - Motion (Warren/Shauna) that members be charged $30/hr and nonmembers be charged
$50/hr for tractor rental (with CWPOA assigned driver) with a minimum charge of $30/$50. – Approved
     c. Web Site Domain - tabled
     d. Mosquito Abatement – discussed under LMC
9. New Business
     a. Expense Forecast (March-April-May) - Brian
         - Expenses for roads ($600 - snow plow parts & labor, $400 – plowing and sanding)
           ($1000 – patching potholes, oversee culvert repair). Approved
         - CSA #21 – Sprinklers, evaporative cooler @ $500. Approved
         - Cynthia - $100 for clubhouse expenses. Approved
     b. Auction of Surplus CWPOA Equipment

         - Motion (Warren/Shauna) to notify membership of sale by sealed bid of CWPOA surplus
           equipment (via CMWC billing and community bulletin boards) with asking price or OBO, bids to be opened at            next board meeting, date of receipt of bid will be considered if there are multiple matching bids.
           Approved.  (Warren will develop a flyer)
10. Review Action Items
     a. Letter to Judy Linda (Cynthia)
     b. April 15 – LMC date
     c. Flyer/ad for used equipment sales (sealed bids) – Warren
     d. Road bids from Precision Paving and Lemire Tractor - Brian
11. Closed Session – Not held
12. Adjourn - Motion to adjourn at 1:55 pm (Warren/Volney)

Submitted by,

Janice Quistad

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