Cascadel Road ’s Importance

Cascadel Road (the non-County maintained portion) is a dirt road which starts to the right of the entrance to Cascadel, runs roughly East past the pond, through the creek, past the mailboxes, veers right and continues easterly out to Mammoth Pool road.

-- FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY for Cascadel Woods’ homes – the bridge is insufficient for emergency vehicles. Cascadel Road is the only access for Fire and Life Protection for the East side of the creek and some properties along Cascadel Road as well as in the event of any kind of blockage to Cascadel Drive.

-- Emergency Access
– according to the Fire Dept the bridge is inadequate for fire equipment making the dirt road even more critically important

--  PG&E Access
– power for all of Cascadel comes in along Cascadel Road

-- Heavy Equipment Access
– The only acceptable access for Heavy equipment, critical for construction of homes in Cascadel Woods for which the County issues permits, for performing road maintenance, and any other construction and maintenance that requires large equipment. The Cascadel Bridge is not capable of handling continued use by vehicles in excess of 10 tons.

--  The public has the right to use this road
and has been using this road continuously for over a hundred years

Centuries old established prescriptive easement originally an Indian trail

Vehicular road built in 1877

Fresno County Road commencing in 1888

Madera County Road commencing in 1893

--  Alternative Access
for Cascadel Woods subdivision – the only other way in or out of Cascadel from the main entrance in the event of a blockage on Cascadel Drive.

--  CSA 21 access
, for fire fighting, fuel reduction, maintenance and recreation. Some areas can only be accessed from the entrance side.

--  Sole access
for some properties when creek is impassable and the preferred access regardless.

--  Cascadel is in a high risk wildfire area
–  every access option counts immensely.

compiled by Mark Stamas