Photos of Cascadel circa 1960 courtesy of Robert Millett

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Tom Millett at Cascadel entrance ~1959


Whiskey Creek in winter


Whiskey Creek, upper pool in winter


Tom Millett  ~1960



Ray Millett Sr. /  Betty Millett  / Bob Millett


Cascadel "Lodge", now the Clubhouse  ~1960


The Pond at upper end


Whiskey Creek in winter


Tom Millett



The Pond


The Pond from corner near road


The Pond


Swimming Pool ~1960


Milletts Tom, Robert, Ray Sr,. Betty & "Grandma"  ~1959


Ray Millett Sr & Betty Millett


Old footbrige across Whiskey Creek


Cascadel "Lodge", now the Clubhouse


"athletic field" across road from Clubhouse



Milletts -   Glen / Ray Sr. / Ray Jr. / Dave Martin / Bob   ~1965   at cabin


Ray Millett Sr. / Bob Millett / Ray Millett Jr.


Dave Martin & Bob Millett


Ray Millett Jr. & Sr.  ~1965 in front of their cabin